Multi-level coaches could be on the horizon for Hudson Valley commuters heading to Grand Central.

Metro North revealed their "Way Ahead" initiative this week, which included some interesting enhancements to the aging transportation system. Commuters have been promised cleaner stations, safer tracks, more digital signs and a state of the art announcement system at Grand Central and other stations.

Seats and floors in over 100 coach cars will be replaced next year. Anyone who's been a passenger on a Metro North train knows just how disgusting those cars have become. The replacement of seats are long overdue, and something that most commuters will be happy to see.

The initiative also calls for an increase in cell reception along the Hudson line. Train passengers know only too well that service along the tracks from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central can be spotty at best. Metro North says they will be working with cell providers to fix that problem and give riders a good signal for their whole ride.

Looking towards the future, Metro North says they are also looking at the possibility of purchasing multi-level coaches. The double-decker trains would increase the capacity of each car between Poughkeepsie and Grand Central.