I have been sharing memories of growing up in the Newburgh/ New Windsor area, and I was just scrolling through my facebook newsfeed when I noticed that somebody put up a picture of Lloyd’s Department Store. Lloyds was the first real superstore here in the Hudson Valley. Our family always shopped at the Newburgh store, but they also had a Lloyds in Middletown.

Before there was Walmart or Target, we had Lloyds. Looking for a new outfit? You could get one at Lloyds. Need groceries? You could get them at Lloyds. Fresh bakery? Yup, Lloyds had that. Need new furniture? Head to Lloyds. The latest record from your favorite band? Lloyds had a huge record department. Plus appliances, toys, housewares, tools, jewelry, and just about everything else. Even a restaurant. And there was a free coffee area in the middle of the store where the old folks would hang out. And by old, I mean they were probably the age I am right now. If you could only make one stop, Lloyds was the stop to make. There was nothing you couldn’t get there. They may have even had gas.

Lloyds is long gone. I believe there is a Home Depot and Kohl’s where the old Lloyds used to be. I don’t think we realized at the time that Lloyd’s was the way of the future. The first real superstore. As my facebook friend wrote, nothing but good memories.

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