They're here!? Maybe...

I happen to be one of those people who believes that there has to be some kind of other life out there. Bigfoot? Definitely. Ghost? Probably. Aliens and UFOs? 100%. I think I watched too many episodes of The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries as a child.

Disk-Like Object Flying around Wappingers Falls?

With that beings said, I've never actually seen a ghost, Bigfoot, or aliens/UFOs. However, while out and about earlier this week in Dutchess County I saw something swoop across the sky that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Clouds rolled in and the wind started to pick up while I was walking to my car and what I thought was a bird started moving strangely in the sky. So I followed it and realized it wasn't a bird, but some kind of circular object. That's when I started filming.


I took the video around 7:15 pm on Monday, June 12th, 2023 near the baseball fields at Robinson Lane in Wappingers Falls. Take a look at the video below to get a better look:

And then I lost it in the sky behind the clouds. You can't tell me that thing was moving normally!? Sure, my imagination could be getting the best of me but stranger things have happened.

Saugerties, NY UFO Sighting

This isn't the first time a UFO has been seen in the Hudson Valley. Our neck of the woods is known for extraterrestrials. Pine Bush, New York has been known to be a hot spot for UFO activity and they even have a festival every June to celebrate it.

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According to the National UFO Reporting Center, on April 28th someone in Saugerties also reported seeing a disk-like craft flying in the sky.

What do you think was flying around Wappingers Falls? Could it be a UFO or was it just a perfectly shaped balloon? You be the judge!

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