Did you go out on Thanksgiving Eve and overindulge on the biggest party night of the year?

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, but its just the start of the busy holiday season in the Hudson Valley. There were a lot of events going on throughout the area on Thanksgiving Eve (the biggest party night of the year), and we even highlighted 5 Cool Must-Attend Thanksgiving Eve Hudson Valley Events.

Blackout Wednesday (also known as Drinksgiving) refers to binge drinking the night before Thanksgiving. The name "Blackout Wednesday" has a Google search history dating back to 2014 with "Drinksgiving" dating back to 2007, although the concept itself is believed to have originated decades ago. With very few people working the Thanksgiving holiday and most college kids home with family, it gives old high school friends a chance to catch up at the local watering hole.

Did you venture out and overindulge this year? If so, that probably means a wicked hangover for you the next day at Thanksgiving dinner with the family?

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I'm much too old these days for binge drinking, but I have been known to go out on Thanksgiving Eve over the years to some of my favorite area bars in Poughkeepsie and catch up with some friends for a few drinks. As I get older, and more into settling down these days, I kinda think of the whole Thanksgiving Eve thing sorta as an amateur night, with it being safer to just stay home and party it up if I'm in the mood.

My evening this year consisted of a nice, quiet night with my girlfriend, with a couple of bottles of wine and watching shows on Netflix. I found it to be much more enjoyable actually than being out at the busy bar and trying to make transportation arrangements. I guess you can say I'm getting old, but I'm perfectly good with it. Hangover was minimal this year at the family dinner table, and for the first time in years, I didn't venture off to the couch afterward for the ceremonial nap. LOL

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With the holiday season underway, nothing wrong with having a few cocktails out and about to celebrate the holidays with friends, but please drink responsibly. If you're planning on drinking and partying it up, make sure to get an Uber or a cab, or some sort of safe ride to get you to and from your destinations because we wanna see you around for a long time to come. Cheers!

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