Everyone's been to a parade, but have you ever seen one from the perspective of a parade marcher?

Thousands of people lined the streets in the Village of Wappingers Falls for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday. We documented the entire parade route from beginning to end. But the cameras weren't on us, they were turned back on you.

With the help of our festive "selfie-shillelagh" we decided to turn the tables this year and film the spectators as we marched down Main Street. Our camera caught all of the action that was happening on the sidelines.

Every year the real show is the one we get to see as we ride in the parade. From green-haired onlookers to kids in shamrock spectacles, everyone was in true Irish spirit on Saturday. If you were at the parade, take a close look. You may get a glimpse of yourself taken from the selfie-shillelagh.