A Hudson Valley man who nearly killed a mom after crashing into her in his movie-themed hot rod allegedly lied to police about the events leading up to the horrific incident.

In November Ryan Ortiz from Middletown was recklessly driving a Dodge Charger with the ghost mask from the movie "Scream" painted on its side. The vehicle was caught by security cameras driving at high speed and blowing through a red light at Bedford and Dekalb Avenue in Williamsburg.


As the 22-year-old Middletown was seen in surveillance footage racing through the light, striking a Honda Accord at full speed The impact sent 32-year-old mother, Malka Braver, flying through the window onto the sidewalk. According to the Daily News, the woman was hospitalized for two months. Braver suffered "a traumatic brain injury, a lacerated spleen, several fractures to her spine and ribs, a broken clavicle, and had bleeding in the space between her brain and surrounding membrane, known as a subarachnoid hemorrhage."

The car was hit so hard that it wound up being pushed from the street, landing near a deli. Footage from Williamsburg News shows the brutal accident as it happened.

Officials say Ortiz told authorities that the dashboard cam in his car was not turned on and then refused to give his consent for police to find out if there was footage of the incident by searching his car. It turns out that the camera was on. In fact, prosecutors say it captured Ortiz driving "recklessly" for blocks before ultimately running the red light.

Furthermore, a black box recorder was recovered from the car allegedly showing that Ortiz was driving up to 77 miles per hour, actually increasing his speed by pressing on the accelerator just moments before plowing into the Honda Accord that Braver was thrown from.

Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzales emphasized the fact that Ortiz has a history of driving recklessly. A now-deleted Instagram account allegedly showed the Middletown man engaged in "dangerous car tricks."

We believe this was not an aberration — videos he allegedly posted online show him driving the same vehicle in an extremely reckless fashion... We will not allow drivers to treat our roads like racetracks and act with complete disregard for the lives of others

A lawyer for Ortiz maintains that the Orange County driver had issues with his brakes and that footage of the accident was "sped up for effect." After Tuesday's arrangement at Brooklyn Supreme Court, Ortiz was placed on supervised release without bail.

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