This guy had the wrong idea when he decided to take the work truck out for a spin. An Onondaga County Parks employee has lost his job after crashing a county vehicle into several guardrails and then an SUV, according to What's even crazier about this story is that the 28 year-old man was allegedly drunk behind the wheel, as he drove southbound in a northbound lane. Police say the accident happened on I-690 Wednesday afternoon.

Seeing a vehicle coming at you head-on like this has got to be one of the worst experiences to face on the road. Luckily, there were no fatalities or serious injuries. Local SYR is reporting that the employee was fired late Wednesday.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office says that had received reports that a Onondaga County Parks and Recreation Department pick-up truck hit another vehicle early Wednesday afternoon. An investigation found that the employee had hit a Volvo SUV after ramming into multiple guardrails before that. Their investigation also found that the employee was driving while intoxicated.

The driver of the hit SUV had minor injuries, while the suspected drunk driver was not injured, according to The county employee was later released on traffic tickets and is scheduled to appear in court November 16. He is facing a number of charges including; driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, driving the wrong way on a highway, leaving the scene of a personal injury automobile accident.

As bad as this wrong way accident sounds, could you imagine seeing a car driving in reverse on a highway? It actually happened in June 2020, when a Maryland woman drove backwards on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, before being stopped by a tractor trailer. Some folks need some serious driving lessons. Maybe this is why some people have their licenses taken away until the year 2076?

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