With road trip season quickly approaching, it's time once again to take stock of exactly how expensive it is to explore the Hudson Valley. The New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) boasts that I-87 is one of the cheapest toll roads in the nation... but what about our bridges?

This should come as no surprise, but the cost of crossing the Hudson River all depends on where you cross it. While several Hudson Valley bridges operate with the same toll prices, there is still a span that's cheaper, and of course a couple that are much, much more expensive.

Autumn view of the Hudson River taken from Bear Mountain State Park.
The Bear Mountain Bridge (nancykennedy)

Bridge Tolls in the Hudson Valley, NY

First, some ground rules. As every New York commuter knows, the cheapest way to drive is with E-ZPass, so every bridge toll referenced will be the price for E-ZPass customers to cross. Also, there is a toll increase scheduled for May 1st, 2023 in the Hudson Valley, so those prices will be included as well. Let's start with the cheapest way to cross the Hudson.

The Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge in Selkirk, NY has the lowest toll in the Hudson Valley (Google)
The Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge in Selkirk, NY has the lowest toll in the Hudson Valley (Google)

The Cost of Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge in Selkirk, NY

The most affordable bridge in the region is in the upper Hudson Valley, in Albany county. The Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge cost 50 cents (with E-ZPass) in either direction to cross, though there's no specific toll collection at the span. The bridge is part of the New York State Thruway Bershire Connector toll road, and the coast of the bridge is included in the overall road toll cost.

Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
The Mid-Hudson Bridge) Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

The Cost of Hudson Valley Bridges

In a turn that makes this list a lot easier to compile, all five Hudson Valley bridges cost the same to cross. The Bear Mountain, Newburgh-Beacon, Mid-Hudson, Kingston-Rhinecliff, and Rip Van Winkle Bridges all cost $1.55 for passenger cars with E-ZPass. In May, that price will increase to $1.65, but motorists looking for discounts can apply for the commuter discount program.

Tapped Zee Bridge (Mario Cuomo Bridge)
Magnus Gallant

The Cost of the Mario M. Cuomo/Tappan Zee Bridge

No matter what you call the bridge that connects Rockland and Westchester County, it still costs the same. Passenger cars with E-ZPass pay $5.25 to cross the span, but similar to Hudson Valley bridges, there's a price increase in the works. From the NYSTA:

Beginning on January 1, 2024, the fixed toll rate at the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (GMMCB) for NY E-ZPass customers will increase by $0.50 each year through 2027. In 2027, the base NY E-ZPass rate for passenger vehicles will be $7.75

The Cost of the George Washington Bridge

While it should come as no surprise that bridge crossings get more expensive the closer they get to the city, the cost of the good ol' GW is still a tough pill to swallow. It costs 2-axeled E-ZPass users $12.75 to cross the bridge during non-peak hours and $14.75 during peak hours, making it the second-most expensive bridge toll in the country. The off-peak price will also increase to $13.75 by 2027.

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