While motor vehicle accidents along Route 17 are not that uncommon, commuters got quite a sight Friday afternoon after a five-vehicle crash that involved a horse trailer.

Officials say a corpse went flying out of a Honda Odyssey that was on its way to a local funeral home. the Daily Voice says the accident happened when the pick-up truck pulling the trailer hit a Jeep Wrangler from behind, setting off a chain reaction.

The New York Post says the accident occurred Friday afternoon on the southbound side of Route 17 near Route 4 in Paramus. Police say the corpse was wrapped in a sheet on a stretcher when it went sailing out of the back of the truck. A woman who was driving the jeep told the Voice that the section of Route 17 near the Garden State Plaza always comes to a dead stop. Obviously, she was not trying to be funny, not knowing that a dead body was also involved in the pile-up.

Three people, including the driver of the jeep, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The Paramus Police Department said the horse was not injured and could be seen eating grass on the side of the road. Officials also say the dead body wasn't damaged.

More Accidents...

One woman wasn't quite as lucky back in 2021 when she crashed in a swimming pool. The NY Daily News is reporting that the woman from New York state found out the hard way that cars don't run underwater, after crashing her vehicle into a family's backyard swimming pool. Officials say that drugs and alcohol played a part in the crash.

Police say the 24-year-old woman was driving her Mazda3 in Ronkonkoma when she lost control after making a turn. From there, a wild series of events unfolded, as police say the woman hit a parked car and then went straight through a nearby fence. Her late-night journey ended when she and her Mazda plunged into a swimming pool in the neighbor's backyard. Police say the East Patchogue woman was able to get out of the sinking vehicle unharmed. The Daily News did not indicate if there was any extensive damage to the pool, nor how officials removed the car from the water.

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