Officials confirmed a tornado touched down in Dutchess County during Wednesday's storm. Did you see it?

On Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service in Albany, in coordination with officials from the Dutchess County Emergency Management, confirmed a brief touchdown of a tornado at 7:14 p.m. Wednesday in the Town of Wappinger

The tornado path began near the intersection of Maloney Road and Route 376. The tornado traveled due east, just north of Maloney Road, for around 1.25 miles before dissipating.

The tornado is estimated to have traveled at maximum speeds of 100 miles per hour with a width of a quarter mile.

The twister was given an Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale Rating of EF-1, which is considered a moderate tornado.

According to, an EF-1 tornado brings moderate damage. Damage can include, roofs severely stripped; mobile homes overturned or badly damaged; loss of exterior doors; windows and other glass broken.

As of now, the damage in Dutchess County is reported as numerous snapped
hardwood and softwood trees and the roof lifted off a shed, according to the National Weather Service.

As of this writing, there has been no reports of fatalities or injuries.

Wednesday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning just after 7 p.m., for Southeastern Dutchess County.

Richard Ness Photography took a number of photos (above) of the damage in Wappinger late Wednesday evening after the tornado touched down.

Those who braved the outdoors during the storm captured some pretty intense weather.

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