It's time to put away your shorts and take out the flannel shirts.

With Fall beginning on September 22, cooler temperatures are settling into the Hudson Valley to remind us that summer has come to an end.

Thursday may be the last day we see temperatures in the upper 70s for quite some time. A cold front is headed through the Hudson Valley on Friday and, according to the National Weather Service, this may be the last time we'll see warm weather for a while.

Friday's high temperature is expected to be just 64 degrees, dipping down to the low 40s overnight. This weekend will also be cool with Saturday and Sunday in the low 60s. Monday will move the mercury up just a bit to a high of 66 degrees before hopefully hitting 70 on Tuesday.

As of now, it looks like Wednesday of next week will return to more seasonable weather with highs possibly returning to the upper 70s. This may be your last time to enjoy some warm weather, however, as the Hudson Valley quickly begins to transition from summer into winter.

Of course, this happens every year but that doesn't mean people won't be complaining about it everywhere you go. The good news is that this year we at least have those facemasks to keep us warm and cozy.

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