Last week was a pretty quiet week for me with not a lot on my plate, so I was happy when the March issue of Country Living Magazine arrived at my house. I brought it in thinking I would take a look at it later that evening. Well, I was sure happy I did look at it.

Every month Country Living Magazine has a feature they call Small Town Saturday. They pick a small town that would be perfect for spending an afternoon or a weekend. This month, their featured small town is Narrowsburg in Sullivan County. I have heard the name Narrowsburg so many times. I grew up in Orange County and had relatives that vacationed in the Catskills, and we have lots of listeners from that area, so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the name Narrowsburg. But I was unfamiliar with the town. I learned a lot from my new magazine.

I knew Narrowsburg was on the Delaware River, but I didn’t realize what a cool place it is. Restaurants, options for enjoying the river, cute inns to stay at and lots of local shops, including Sunny’s Pop, owned by actor Sunrise Ruffalo who is married to actor Mark Ruffalo. So, there is even a star factor. This town is adorable and not terribly far from the Hudson Valley. Definitely worth at least a Saturday afternoon visit. Or even a weekend. And the views from the Catskills are amazing all year.

Thanks, Country Living Magazine for educating me about a town I should have already known about. I think it’s time for me to start exploring the area more often. I’ve obviously been missing out.

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