There is no shortage of great music here in the Hudson Valley. We’ve been home to world famous musicians, and even those who don’t call the Hudson Valley home are more than willing to do a show here. We have great music venues, appreciative audiences, and we’re super close to New York City.

One of the Hudson Valley towns that is synonymous with music is Woodstock. Think of all the famous musicians who have lived in Woodstock. Bob Dylan, The Band, David Bowie, even Jimi Hendrix. It’s a cool town that has brought us great music and great musicians for decades. And one of the coolest places to see a show in Woodstock is at Bearsville Theater. Bearsville Theater has been newly refurbished and they’ve got some great shows coming up.

One of those very cool shows will be on Monday, Nov. 1, and it’s going to be a Prog Rock lover’s dream come true. YES keyboardist Rick Wakeman will be hitting the stage at Bearsville Theater to bring you an evening of music and humor,

Wakeman will deliver an evening packed with piano performances and funny anecdotes inspired by his 50+ year career. Repertoire will range from Rick’s solo works and his years with YES through to his early days as a session musician, plus some surprises like his interpretations of Beatles’ hits and many other tunes, adapted for the grand piano. Add Rick’s well-loved sense of humor, and you’ve got yourself an amazing night of music and laughs.

For tickets and to find out more information about Bearsville Theater and their upcoming shows, visit the Bearsville Theater website. And if you’re headed to the show, you might want to schedule a little extra time to explore Woodstock and check out some of the shops and the musical history of the town.

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