As the summer continues on, do you know the best way to keep your car cool?

I don't know anything about cars, so don't think that I'm some expert about to blow your mind with car knowledge. HOWEVER, I will help you blow cold air better (alright that was an awful joke). But seriously, there's nothing worse than getting into a hot car after a hot day. I can't turn the AC on fast enough in the summer. But it never seems to get cold enough, fast enough.

That's where this handy button comes into play. You've seen it. It's a car with a turn around arrow inside. I know  I've looked at it, seen that it automatically came on with the AC, and just left it there. According to KSHB, this button is actually called the recirculation button. It literally recirculates the air when you have it on. So as you first turn on the AC, it moves that air around the car, instead of having it blow on your feet or face. Therefore, cooling down the car faster.

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