In a contentious debate, Governor Cuomo and challenger, Marc Molinaro, agreed on very little, except whether they believe Dutchess County is considered a part of upstate New York.

During a gubernatorial debate broadcast on CBS New York, Cuomo and Molinaro locked horns on a number of issues. Interrupting and yelling over each other, the two men discussed health care, New York's economy, infrastructure and social issues.

The most heated part of the debate came when Governor Cuomo attempted to get Molinaro to admit that he supports President Trump. After repeating the question several times, Molinaro still refused to answer, leading to an awkward exchange that shows just how much of a hot button issue the Trump presidency has become in New York.

Molinaro was also on the attack, blaming Cuomo for the economic problems of Upstate New York.

The question of Upstate New York came up again at the end of the debate when moderators held a lightning round of humorous questions for the two candidates. After such a heated evening, the silly questions seemed to annoy Molinaro and Cuomo, forcing them to admit what their favorite type of sausage is and sing a line from their favorite song (which they both declined to do).

The one answer they both agreed upon, however, came to a tough question about whether Dutchess County is considered a part of Upstate New York or not. The issue has been debated for ages, splitting friends and family apart with opposing answers.  Molinaro, who most likely has been preparing for this question since announcing his bid to become Governor, had a diplomatic answer ready to go. The County Executive said that Dutchess is where "upstate meets downstate."

Smiling, Cuomo said he liked that description and happily agreed with Molinaro. After a long, angry debate it was nice to see the two politicians bond over not giving a straight answer.