This time of year can be quite hectic for travel, as the already busy streets get even more backed up with traffic and delays.

According to statistics provided by Health NY from 2012-2014, motor vehicle traffic injuries were the 4th leading cause of injury-related death in Westchester County. It goes without saying, commuters often face some of the worst delays during morning and afternoon rush hours traffic.

The Yonkers Police Department shared a post on their Facebook page, that shows a large overturned dump truck that crashed after 9 AM Thursday. The crash caused northbound traffic on Central Park Avenue at Fort Hill to shut down, according to officials. The truck was carrying sand, which made cleanup even more difficult.

Over 20 Vehicles Involved in Crash

Just last week, multiple crashes were reported in the lower Hudson Valley, turning the morning commute into an absolute nightmare. Investigators say the whole mess started when a tractor-trailer leaked approximately 100 gallons of an unknown liquid substance onto the roadway.

Huge Crash in Westchester County 

The New York State police said in a press release that the tractor-trailer spilled the unknown substance on northbound I-95 near New Rochelle. Though we don't know what it was exactly that leaked, police say the roads were left in "extremely slippery conditions."

From there, officials say 21 cars and two tractor-trailers were involved in a number of crashes over the course of a mile.

Google Maps
Google Maps


New York's Most Dangerous Roads Runs Through the Hudson Valley

The Ahearne Law PLLC put together a list of the top five most dangerous spots, and the Taconic State Parkway was number one.  According to Only in Your State, the 104-mile long road was the scene of 2,080 accidents during just a three-year period. The report indicates that the majority of these accidents happened in the Westchester and Putnam county parts of the parkway.

Over a seven-year period up until 2015, New York State Troopers had issued nearly 54,000 tickets to motorists traveling the Taconic. Once again, the majority of those infractions happened in Westchester and Putnam.


A big part of the Taconic is only a narrow two lanes, and you definitely feel like space is running out fast as you maneuver around the twists and turns. The miles of smashed up guard rail along the road can certainly attest to this.

Also, the wind can suddenly hit your vehicle out of nowhere, sending you into the car right next to you if you're not paying attention. And then there are the drivers. People don't obey speed limits, they tailgate, they cut others off, even with limited space. Sadly, aggressive drivers are mostly to blame for all the accidents.

Other Dangerous Roads in NY

Right behind the Taconic of Ahearne's list is I-87, from New York City to Montreal. According to their figures, the deadliest part of the road is from Ramapo, in Rockland County, to Albany. Number 3 was Niagara Falls Boulevard, #4 the Hempstead Turnpike, and #5 Upper Broadway in Manhattan.

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