Where did the road go? If you've been traveling upstate recently you might have noticed that a portion of a route in the state is gone. And by gone, we mean completely washed away. But what was the cause behind this? This has been one of the rainiest summers in recent memory, so flooded roads are certainly not out of the question. However, officials are saying this stream of water has to do with a beaver dam that broke.

Beaver dams can normally help ease flooding issues after heavy rain by gradually releasing excess stored water. Normally, the dams can help smooth out water flow. Using branches and logs as the base, these furry engineers will stack rocks, sticks, mud, leaves and just about anything they can find to build up the rest of the structure. The dams can greatly benefit the ecosystem and surrounding environments for a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, it appears one of their dams broke causing rushing waters which took out parts of County Route 21 in Whitehall. NY after local flooding issues. The repairs will take about a week, according to WNYT. 

In some other animal related news, anyone remember Barnie the bull? Seems Barnie wasn't feeling a trip to the slaughterhouse, so the 1,500-pound bull escaped from a farm in Manorville one morning in mid July. Police were forced to shut down part of the Sunrise Highway for around 20 minutes, as they desperately attempted to corral the giant animal. Barnie even built up is own little cult following across the area. But now it looks like his journey is over. The Suffolk County SPCA says Barnie was captured at an old duck farm in Moriches late Wednesday.  FOX 5 says that a group called Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, plus the Suffolk County Police had been monitoring Barnie, and even set up a feeder. Now, after he was given a clean bill of health from the vet, Barnie will live out his life at the Skylands farm in Wantage, New Jersey, So, a happy ending.