On Sunday night actor Bill Pullman smashed his Woodstock Film Festival award.

This weekend marked the 18th year the Maverick Awards were given out at the Woodstock Film Festival in Kingston. The honors recognized some of the best talent in the industry. This year, Shep Gordon won the Trailblazer Award and actor Bill Pullman took home the Excellence in Acting Award. Pullman was honored for his film, “The Ballad of Lefty Brown,”  which debuted at the festival.

While the night was a success, Bill Pullman's statue ended up in shattered pieces.

According to the Times Herald Record, while making his acceptance speech, Pullman dropped his Excellence in Acting trophy, breaking it in two. Obviously embarrassed, the award winner attempted to make light of the situation. Pullman picked up both pieces of the trophy and pressed them against each side of his head, mugging for the cameras.

The result was a fun moment reminiscent of Steve Martin smiling with that arrow through his head.

There's no word if Pullman will get a new award, or just a tube of Krazy Glue.