Gayle Beatty claims that Bigfoot exists and is living in the Hudson Valley. We'll show you her proof so you can decide for yourself if Sasquatch is real.

Beatty heads the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley. The group, based in Red Hook, investigates mysterious Bigfoot sightings throughout our area. According to Beatty, Bigfoot is not only real, but there are families of the creatures living right here in the Hudson Valley.

Beatty appeared on the Boris & Robyn Show this week to talk about the hundreds of sightings she investigates every year. Her group has amassed a pile of Bigfoot evidence including prints, photos and even Sasquatch droppings which she keeps closely guarded in a freezer.

There wasn't nearly enough time to cover all of the evidence that Beatty brought to show us during her segment, so we asked her to be a guest on our ongoing video series called "Big Mysteries of the Unexplained" with our morning show producer, Meat Sandwich. Prepare to have your mind opened to a whole new reality, as Meat and Gayle piece together the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot right here in the Hudson Valley.

So what do you think? After viewing the evidence do you believe that Bigfoot is living in the Hudson Valley?