In an unexpected twist, one of America's most reviled (or perhaps, underappreciated) haircuts appears to have made quite a return during the 2020s. But some say its long-awaited comeback began years ago during the 2010s.

Nevertheless, this retroactive shift in trends has brought prominence and national accolades to one lucky New York state man. Now, he is ready to defend his crown.

A Standard of Excellence Returns

Merriam-Webster defines mullet as a hairstyle in which the hair is short on the sides and top and long at the back. 

It goes by many nicknames. the El Camino, the Tennessee Top Hat, the Canadian Passport (or, Hockey Hair), the West Virginia Waterfall, the Neck Warmer, the Missouri Compromise etc.

New York State Man Set to Defend Title as America's Best Mullet

Scott Salvadore is a 35-year-old man from Stillwater, NY, who owns a landscaping and patio furniture design company, according to The Post Standard.

Salvadore already had a mullet as far back as 2018, when he became a big fan of country music superstar Morgan Wallen. Wallen, at the time, was also sporting the infamous haircut.

This encounter may have helped inspire the New York state man to push further. In 2022, Salvatore fulfilled his destiny, by beating six hundred other contestants in the USA Mullet Championship.

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Now, Salvatore is set to defend his crown, which was dubbed "The Lord's Drapes" by comedian Theo Von at a show in New York City. But competition this year is fierce.

Salvatore's stride is unabashed though, as he ready to bring home back back champions to upstate New York. "Having a mullet breeds self-confidence", he told The Post Standard. 

“I hate losing", the champ continued. “My wife says Miss America never won twice in a row... I’m like, well, Miss America never looked as good as this.”

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