Wendy's is officially bringing back their spicy chicken nuggets.

You know what I miss? Wendy's spicy nuggets? You know what I will soon be reunited with? WENDY'S SPICY NUGGETS. Yes, it's true. Wendy's is officially bringing back the spicy chicken nuggets. They're set to return to all locations, including all Hudson Valley locations, on Monday, August 12, 2019.

But according to a reliable source (aka my brother), the spicy nuggets are already available in the Hudson Valley. When I found out that Wendy's had announced the release date, I, like any good sister, screenshotted the article and sent it to my brother. He replies saying he thought they already were. I said no, they had announced the return but not when.

He goes on to shock the world (aka me) and tells me he's already seen the spicy nuggets for sale in the Hudson Valley. Confused, I ask him to clarify. He tells me that the Wendy's in Newburgh was selling the spicy nuggets already this week. WHAT?! Is this true? Am I being fooled?

Either way, I'll be the first in line on Monday, August 12 for the spicy nuggets.

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