This time of year we're all looking for a scare, right? If you're looking for a chilling good time visit Dutchess County and its historical and haunted stops across the Haunted History Trail.

Dutchess County Tourism shares that 3 locations in Beacon, Hyde Park and Wappingers are all stops on the Haunted History Trail across the state. Those 3 locations are:

Bannerman Island
Miss Fanny's Victorian Party House
St James Episcopal Church

So what makes each of these places perfect for the Haunted History Trail? Well, legend has it that the Native American's living in the Hudson Valley at the time avoided the island because it was possessed by evil. Later in history, there were rumors that the island was haunted by banshees bringing on winds and dangerous weather to sailors heading to the island.


Miss Fanny's Victorian Party House is a very well-known paranormal hotspot. So much so that it has been featured on several paranormal investigation shows. Is anyone down for a Ghost Hunt?

Google Maps
Google Maps

St James Episcopal Churchyard is over 200 years old. There has to be some spirits floating around, right?

Dutchess Tourism writes:

From the great spirits invoked by early Native American tribes, to the first Dutch settlers who carefully avoided haunted places, New York has harbored centuries of spooky events that simply can't be explained. All of this awaits you on the HAUNTED HISTORY TRAIL.

They continue:

The trail offers serious ghost-hunting locations that cater to investigative teams, as well as seasonal ghostly-themed events for the paranormal-curious. Muster your courage if you want to participate - alone or with friends!


Are you brave enough to spend the night at Miss Fanny's Victorian Party House? Will you explore the allegedly haunted trails of Bannerman Castle? Want to take a stroll by candlelight through a historical, and probably haunted cemetery?

Fill up your October calendar with a hauntingly fun time across Dutchess County...if you dare. 

Learn more about the Dutchess County Haunted History Trail at

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