We are in the middle of Bat Week and Halloween is upon us so what better time to talk Vampires?

Each year around this time Lawn Love sends out their current survey for which city in America would be the best and the worst for Vampires. The 2023 results are in again New York has come in at number 1. But why is that? What makes New York the top city for a Vampire?

New York City Takes Top Slot in Vampire Survey for 2023


Before we get into why New York City is number one let's look at cities at the bottom of the list. The 10 Worst Cities for Vampires according to this Lawn Love Survey: 2023's Best and Worst Cities for Vampires are all basically in the Southwest. Eight of them are in Arizona.

Dracula with Bela Lugosi (Film 1931)

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Apparently, the dry heat is a problem and so is the amount of sunshine. Arizona also made the bottom of the list so many times because of its lack of underground living, I guess basements are hard to find in AZ. Arizona does have its share of Vampire clubs but as for living conditions, other places turn out to be better choices.

Interview with a Vampire (Film 1994 based on Anne Rice Novel)

That brings us back to why is New York the top place for Vampires again this year. It turns out they have a lot of blood centers and a large population. New York also happens to be a city with a large amount of under apartments and other spaces which as we know can be used for shelter from the sun. If you've ever lived in a basement apartment you know.

Bat Cave, North Carolina has a Real Bat Cave


On a fun side note that has nothing to do with Vampires but everything to do with Bats. Did you know there is actually a town Named Bat Cave? I found it in North Carolina this past June and couldn't resist snapping a photo outside the volunteer fire department. And No, Batman doesn't live there but there is a cave.

Named after a bat cave located on Bluerock Mountain (also known as Bat Cave Mountain), it is the largest known augen gneiss granite fissure cave in North America and is a protected area, not open to the public (via Wikipedia)

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