This month's Vet Who Rocks is a family man, aspiring business owner and mentor to his fellow veterans.

Every month 101.5 WPDH shares the story of a Hudson Valley Vet Who Rocks. These veterans continue to give back to the community long after their military service is over. We share these stories on the first Wednesday of every month during the Veteran Report on the Boris and Robyn Show, highlighting the veterans who inspire all of us to strive for the very best.

This month's Vet Who Rocks is Tyrus Scott. He was nominated by Abby Gallagher who sent us this letter.

Tyrus is a hard-working father of 3 kids under 4. He works 7 days a week to provide for his family and he works for his mom's family business and is striving to open his own trucking business. Tyrus served for four years as a marine, and today still calls and checks up on all his military friends. When he’s working on the road trucking if he’s passing through where one of them lives he even stops to see them. He’s passionate about mental health and the well-being of his friends and family - as he has lost many of his friends in the Marines to suicide. He often talks about how proud he is of his friends from the Marines that have gone to open their own businesses, build careers, raise families, and finish schooling.

Tyrus Scott
Tyrus Scott


He hopes to one day own many pieces of property and own a successful motorcycle dealership- as he is passionate about motorcycles. Tyrus would spend his money supporting his family and following his dreams further to jumpstart his trucking business he has been struggling to make his dreams a reality and support his family through the winter. With a three-year-old daughter, Tommi Jo, a one-year-old son, Axel, and his newest son, Lennox.

Tyrus will receive $500 for being this month's WPDH Vet Who Rocks. He will also be in the running for $10,000 which will be handed out to one monthly honoree on Veteran's Day this November.

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