This guy is having quite a bad day.

From this 80 second video uploaded to YouTube, it appears this ill-tempered guy from Queens was losing money to an MTA ticket machine without being printed a ticket.

The incident happened in Flushing, Queens Sunday and is now taking the internet by storm.

The frustrated man tried over and over again to get his ticket but to no avail. After screaming and cursing loud enough for everyone else to hear the man has only one last resort...punch the damn dispenser. Give em' hell!

I suppose we've all been there at some point dealing with technology that refuses to work the way it's supposed to.

The poor guy claims he tried twenty times to get his ticket. Not sure what the final outcome was, but by the end of the clip the angry commuter still hadn't been printed his ticket.

This is another reason why we shouldn't be ready to replace humans with automated services, especially ones like this.