A proposed 8,200 foot fence would block access to the Hudson River and some residents are not happy about it.

The proposal was submitted by Amtrak to build an impasse fence to keep trespassers and vehicles out of the way of the train tracks. According to Amtrak, the fence would help deter a train collision with a person or vehicle by directing traffic to public road crossings instead of crossing over the tracks.

Some residents are not happy with the proposal, claiming that it will greatly reduce their access to the Hudson River. The Northern Dutchess Archery Facebook page has been vocal in their opposition to the project. Some comments claim that the fence would hinder off shore fishing and stop residents from enjoying the river.

Amtrak says they are just protecting their right of way and keeping the public safe. The 8,200 feet of fence would run in sections all the way from Rhinecliff to Stuyvesant, north of Hudson. There's no word if Amtrak is also considering a fencing system south of Rhinecliff to Poughkeepsie.

What do you think about the building of a fence across the Hudson River? Do you think it will keep us safer, or will it stop residents from being able to enjoy the river?