Don’t get me started talking about the Hudson Valley. If it wasn’t such a great place, many of us would be long gone from New York. But the Hudson Valley holds some magical spell over me. The mountains, the majestic Hudson River, the cool villages and communities. The music scene in the Hudson Valley is one of the best. And our restaurants. We have world-class chefs creating at world-class restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley.

I think we have every kind of restaurant you can think of here in the Hudson Valley. Just about any kind of ethnic food you may be looking for, very modern restaurants with very up-to-date cuisine, and we also have our share of cozy restaurants that have been around for generations. In fact, I just found out that the oldest restaurant in America is actually here in the Hudson Valley.

I came across an article at which listed the oldest restaurant in every state. Of course, I scrolled down to New York State and sure enough, the oldest restaurant for our state happens to be in the Hudson Valley. It’s the ‘76 House in Tappan, New York, right in Rockland County. And according to the ‘76 House website, they are not only New York State’s oldest restaurant, they are the oldest restaurant in America. The whole country!

Like the whole Hudson Valley, the ‘76 House in Tappan holds a lot of history. The tavern was built in 1668, and it was used as a meeting place for patriots during the Revolutionary War. It was the site of the signing of the Orangetown Resolutions on July 4, 1774. Even George Washington has dined at the ‘76 House. That’s pretty cool.

You can visit the ‘76 House at 110 Main Street in Tappan and enjoy a great meal created by their acclaimed chef. Good food, tons of history, and all in one of the most beautiful spots in the country. To learn more about the history of this historic restaurant and to check out the menus, visit the ‘76 House website.

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