National Donut Day is Friday, June 1, 2018.

Who doesn't love a good donut? I'd even argue that most people love a bad donut. Well if you like good, bad, and everything in between donuts, Friday, June 1 is going to be your favorite day because it's National Donut Day!

I've compiled a list of all the donut deals in the Hudson Valley. Here they are:

Dunkin Donuts
1 free donut with a beverage purchase.

There are Dunkin Donuts all over the Hudson Valley, including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, New Paltz, Fishkill, Wappingers, Montgomery, Walden, Highland, and plenty more.

Glazed Over
Free second topping on donuts.

Glazed Over is located at 315 Main Street in Beacon.

Daddy's Donuts & Bake Shop
Free glazed donut with any donut purchase

Daddy's Donuts & Bake Shop is at 4 Fairlawn Ave in Middletown.

Papa John's
Free donut holes with the order of any pizza online. On June 2, you can use promo code DONUT when ordering a pizza online to get two free orders of donut holes. And on the same day, if you purchase donut holes online you can enter to win a trip to, get this, Donut Island in New Zealand.

There are Papa John's in Newburgh, Garrison, Spring Valley, and Patterson.

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut, no purchase necessary!

Sadly, there is no Krispy Kreme donut shop in the Hudson Valley. But if you travel down to New York City for work, there is a Krispy Kreme shop in Penn Station.