I stumbled across a public bathroom with one of the smartest inventions I've ever seen.

Using a public bathroom isn't ideal, especially if you're a germaphobe like me. However, sometimes you just can't avoid it. Sadly, many Hudson Valley restaurants don't take the design or layout of their bathroom into consideration. While it's understandable that restaurant owners are mainly focused on the food and dining experience, a poorly planned bathroom can really leave a bad impression.

Recently, I was blown away by a trip to the public restroom and it convinced me that all Hudson Valley restaurants should really follow this establishment's lead. A simple piece of equipment installed in the bathroom left such an impression that I am now a loyal customer for life

I love this idea so much, I am considering buying a few and giving them to some of my favorite restaurants as gifts.

One of the (many) annoying things about using a public restroom is having to navigate the bathroom door. I'm sure many of you have been in the awkward situation of washing your hands and then turning around to leave and realizing that you'll have to touch that nasty door handle.

One option is to grab an extra paper towel and use it like a glove, then quietly drop it on the floor as you leave. Unfortunately, more and more restaurants are opting for electric hand driers, which leaves you with the option of either dirtying your hand or awkwardly using a sleeve or grabbing the bottom of your t-shirt to open the door.

Well, there's now a better way.

Take a look at the simple invention that was installed at my new favorite restaurant:

It's called the StepNpull. Screwed to the bottom of the door, this genius invention allows customers to use their foot to pull the door open without ever having to get their hands dirty.

I did some investigating and the item is available for just over $20 and is super easy to install. Why all Hudson Valley restaurants don't have one I'll never know. In fact, I love this idea so much, I am considering buying a few and giving them to some of my favorite restaurants as gifts.


Not only does this innovation make leaving the bathroom a breeze, but it will also pay for itself in saved paper towels. What do you guys think? Is this the best idea or what? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page and maybe you're enthusiasm will encourage more Hudson Valley restaurants to install StepNpull devices in their own restrooms.

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