Denning's Point Brick Works in Beacon has been abandoned for decades, but some urban explorers decided to pay a visit anyway.

There are many old abandoned factories and institutions scattered throughout the Hudson Valley. Inside the walls of these aging buildings are stories about the history of the Hudson Valley and the people who helped built our region.

YouTube/ Erin Essex
YouTube/ Erin Essex

A YouTube video shows what happened when a group of tourists decided to explore the Denning's Poing Brick Works in Beacon this Fall. The factory was just one of 130 brick yards that existed between New York City and Albany in the 1930s. The Hudson Valley was home to many brick factories because of the abundance of clay found in the region.

In the fifty years that DPBW was in business, the company was said to have produced over one million bricks. The brick factory produced bricks that were used in the construction of Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. The brick works eventually closed up shop in Beacon and moved elsewhere after the supply of clay dried up in the late 30s.

Today, the building (or what's left of it) still stands in Beacon. Here's a look at a recent trip to the site.

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