Halloween is a fun holiday, but sometimes it can be a little too scary for the younger kids. Here is something you can do with the younger kids that's educational and not so scary.

It's the Not So Haunted Barn and Hayride this Saturday, Oct. 28, from 4 pm - 7 pm at Stony Kill Foundation on Farmstead Lane in Wappingers. You and the kids can stop in the hay loft for a haunted barn tour and learn about the creatures and critters that call the barn home. You can also visit with the livestock. 

At 5 pm head into the barn classroom for the Spooktacular Animal Adventure by Animal Embassy featuring a pink-toed tarantula, an emperor scorpion, a milk snake, a boa constrictor and more. Plus, you get to take a haunted hay ride and see some scary farmers in the pasture.

Ticket price includes entry to the barn tour and a ride on the haunted hay ride. There is limited space for the Animal Embassy presentation. For more information, check out the Stony Kill facebook page.

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