This was probably the last thing this home intruder was thinking was expecting to happen. A would-be burglar faced quite a formidable foe late Thursday the form of 82 year-old Willie Murphy of Rochester. At first glance, Murphy may resemble an other eighty something year-old grandparent type. But little did this thug know is that Murphy ai an award winning bodybuilder who still works out almost every day.

Murphy told Fox Rochester that she heard someone pounding on her door late Thursday before bed. The person was saying that they were sick, but when Murphy refused to let them in they became angry. The, she says the young man broke through the door.

Murphy said her first instinct was grab a table and "went to work on him". Once down, she began jumping on him. She even grabbed some shampoo and poured it all over his face for good measure. All that physical contact probably worked up quite a sweat so at least now his hair is clean?

Police arrived as she was hitting him with a broom. The intruder was taken to the hospital, as Murphy was praised by law enforcement. This is definitely one old lady you don't to cross. Her words to the media? "He picked the wrong house"

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