I consider myself to be a person with lots of friends. But are they close friends? Not necessarily, but they are all “good” friends. And by that I mean I am happy to have them all in my life. I’ve put them into five categories, and I think we all fall into one of these categories in somebody’s life.

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    The "Friendish” Friend

    These are friends that are on the surface friends. Most of my work friends fall into this category. Chances are we’ve never been to each other’s houses, we don’t go out socially, but we hang out at work, like each other, and know a bit about each other’s lives. I like my “friendish” friends, and don’t really find the need to make it a deeper friendship.

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    The "Fair Weather" Friend

    A lot of people have heard of fair weather friends. A lot of people consider this to be a bad thing. These are friend that you may hang out with or socialize with sometimes, and maybe you have even been to each other’s houses. But when a crisis occurs they keep their distance. I’m actually okay with that. If I or someone I love is going through something, I don’t need the whole world to know. I’d rather be surrounded by those closest to me.

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    The "Foul Weather" Friend

    This is the opposite of "fair weather" friends. You may not see them or be in touch with them as often as you’d like, but in a crisis they’re right there for you, asking what they can do to help. I think I am this kind of friend to a lot of people. I’m bad at keeping in touch, but I promise if you need me, I’ll be there.

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    The “Forever” Friend

    This is the person that you have know forever, but hardly ever see or talk to them. Yet, when you do it’s like no time has passed. You will always have a connection, you love this person, and you’re both okay with your lack of correspondence. Even though you promise each other that you’ll be in touch sooner next time.

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    The "Family" Friend

    These are the people that are so close that you consider them family. You talk to them all the time, you see them on weekends and even during the week. They know everything about you, and you would do anything for each other. I’m happy to say I have a nice little circle of friends I call “family” friends. I love them and would be lost without them.

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