This Thanksgiving you can do something extra special by serving a Turkey that was raised right here in the Hudson Valley.

There are lots of reasons to eat local. It supports local farms, encourages local business and lessens the environmental impact of shipping produce across the country.  Beyond all of that, it's also pretty impressive to be able to tell your Thanksgiving guests that the feast they are about to enjoy was sourced from right here in our area.

Luckily, we have lots of incredible farms throughout the Hudson Valley that offer local turkeys. To start you on your shopping experience, here are a few places to visit for more information on getting a Hudson Valley bird for your holiday.

Fishkill Farms
The popular apple orchard offers Turkeys for sale that are locally sourced. In addition to the birds, they also can supply their own produce.

Quattros Farm
This small poultry and game farm in Pleasant Valley offers fresh killed free-range turkeys. Order quick, because they sell out fast.

Northwind Farms
The Tivoli farm has traditional New Holland White Turkeys as well as Heritage Bronze Turkeys available either fresh or frozen. You will need to call ahead to make an order.

Four Winds Farm
This organic family farm in Gardiner raises turkeys specifically for the Thanksgiving table. The birds are raised outdoors and fed organic grains. Order in advance and pick up the day before Thanksgiving.

Old Ford Farm
This New Paltz farm has fresh eggs, chickens and turkeys available. Sizes may vary so read the disclaimer on their website before ordering.