In an exclusive interview with the Hudson Valley's most famous egg, we uncovered a few new secrets about the beloved holiday character.

Those who grew up in the New Windsor area know all about Eggbert. He's the holiday egg that has been greeting young children every holiday season for generations. Eggbert holds court at Devitt's Nursery and Supply starting the day after Thanksgiving and listens to those holiday wishes right through Christmas.

This year we were lucky enough to speak with Eggbert himself in an exclusive radio interview. Although he can be a tough egg to crack, we did manage to get him to spill some secrets about his farm and mysterious background.

Eggbert is hard boiled
According to the egg himself, Eggbert is not a raw egg. In our interview Eggbert revealed that he is, indeed, hard boiled. According to him, there's no way he would have ever survived all of these years if he wasn't

Eggbert is a king
That crown that Eggbert wears isn't a fashion statement. It was given to him by Governor Dewy back in 1952, naming Eggbert the "King of the Eggs." It was part of a promotion at the New York State Fair, where Eggbert was working to promote local egg farmers.

Eggbert vacations in the tropics
When he's not greeting children at the farm, Eggbert spends the off-season in the tropics. He likes to hang out where it's warm. His favorite activity is "rolling around on the beach."

Eggbert is single, but he used to have a "close female friend"
Santa has Mrs. Claus, and at one time, Eggbert had Eggberta. Eggberta was a "cohort" of Eggbert. They were not married, and, according to Eggbert, they were just friends. Eggberta eventually disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was never heard from again. We pressed for more details, but Eggbert got uncharacteristically shy when discussing his former friend, only saying "I miss her."

Eggbert has his own beer
Even Eggbert has jumped on the craft beer bandwagon. This year Newburgh Brewing Company has teamed up with Devitt's to release Angry Eggbert. The beer is an IPA brewed with spruce needles. This year, beer samples will be available right at the farm. Also, Eggbert will be making a rare, adults-only appearance at the Newburgh Brewing Company on Friday, December 29 where big kids can talk with Eggbert while enjoying his Angry Eggbert IPA.

Last year we had a chance to ask Eggbert even more questions at his home in New Windsor. Here's a look back at our on-site interview with the Christmas egg: