Bruised, filthy and starving farm animals were taken from a local farm this week.

Photos show just how terrible life has been for 23 farm animals that were rescued by Pets Alive in Middletown this week. Executive Director, Becky Tegze says that the animals were emaciated, dehydrated and lived in darkness for most of their lives. After being rescued and set free in the pastures of Pets Alive "They ran freely like little kids." Tegze says the animals only stopped moving "long enough to munch on some green grass and breath in the clean, fresh air - small pleasures they have been denied."

Britney Schoonmaker/Pets Alive

Because of a pending legal case the origin of the animals was not disclosed, but descriptions of the conditions where these rescued farm animals were living doesn't paint a great picture. Eight ponies lived in a four-by-four stall that was barely big enough for them to turn around in. Filled with feces, there was no access to natural light. The animals had unkept hooves, missing fur and sores along their backs.

Seven sheep and one ram were "filthy," not having been sheared for months. A limping alpaca and an underweight pig were also among the rescued animals. Tegze says that the pig was especially hydrated, drinking a large volume of water as soon as it was made available.

Britney Schoonmaker/Pets Alive

These animals are being rehabilitated and will hopefully be available for adoption after they are healed. Pets Alive is working with a medical team to make sure each animal can be treated according to their own specific needs.

Pets Alive is asking for donations to help treat these abused animals. Medical costs and other expenses are expected to be in the thousands. If you'd like to help, you can find out more about Pets Alive at their website.

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