Monday, October 9 is Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day. As a result, some Hudson Valley services will be closed while others may remain open.

While there continues to be a debate over what Monday's holiday should be called and what should actually be celebrated, it's still a Federal holiday.  You may be wondering if you're getting mail, garbage pickup or if the bank is open.

While some people may have the day off from work or school, the majority of private businesses are functioning as normal. The holiday can be a bit confusing so here's a rundown of exactly what you can expect.

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Most public and private schools are closed for Columbus Day, or in the case of Beacon City Schools, "Indigenous Peoples Day / Italian Heritage Day". Some private schools and colleges may or may not be holding classes on Monday.

Because Columbus Day is a federal holiday, there is no mail service on Monday and post offices are closed. UPS and Fedex will be delivering and picking up packages on a normal schedule.

Local transit
The Dutchess County Loop bus will run on a regular schedule. UCAT busses are canceled and Metro-North is running on a regular weekday schedule

Garbage Pick Up
Depending on the municipality, garbage pickup may not be happening on Monday. Many private trash services, including Royal Carting, will remain open on Monday.

Columbus Day is a bank holiday. That means most banks will be closed. Some local branches may remain open, but you should check your local bank's schedule for more details.

Government Offices
All federal offices are closed on Monday. County offices will also close throughout the Hudson Valley. Most local town, village and city offices including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston will all be closed down.

Most public libraries are closed

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