On Thursday, May 2nd, police were ordered by the New Paltz administration to challenge the Pro-Palestinian student-led encampment on campus. The students launched their encampment on Wednesday, May 1st in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to shed light on the over 34,000 lives lost in Gaza.

According to Pres. Wheeler, students did not comply with dismantling tents by 7 P.M. on Thursday evening, leaving the administration with "no choice" but to involve police.

Police Challenge Students at SUNY New Paltz

Police continued arrests well into the evening, periodically lunging at crowds to clear Parker Quad causing panic amongst observers.

133 students were arrested in total and were charged with trespassing. As of Friday morning, New Paltz Students for Palestine announced none of those arrested required any financial assistance for bail. 

See more footage from last night's protest here: Police Intervene on SUNY New Paltz Campus - Students and Protestors Arrested [VIDEO]

Students Continue Peaceful Demonstration Efforts

On Friday, May 3rd, students staged a Peaceful Walkout where students marched from the Humanities building to the Student Union, chanting "Protect our students" and urging Pres. Wheeler to resign. 

On Friday, a "Community Outrage Demonstration" was announced on social media and is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th at 11 A.M. The event is scheduled to take place off campus on New Paltz's Main Street. 

SUNY New Paltz Cancels Spring Event

As of Friday, May 3rd, the Student Association shared that the Spring Fest Block Party and Concert scheduled for Saturday, May 5th is canceled. The brief message shared, "More information will be provided later today." 

The Spring Fest concert was scheduled to feature Leon Thomas, known for his role as Andre Harris on Nickelodeon's Victorious

Campuses across the country are threatening the cancellation and modification of spring celebrations including graduation. New Paltz has yet to release an official statement following last night's arrests and violence.