Whether you're traveling or hosting guests for Christmas, New Yorkers are gonna want to keep their eyes on the weather.

It appears that the Hudson Valley is in for a white Christmas. Meteorologists are predicting several days of snow leading up to the holiday that will dump over two feet of the white stuff on Hudson Valley roads.

A Four-Day Storm

The good news is that the huge amount of snow will be spread out over several days, giving municipalities enough time to clean up roads. However, driving conditions are expected to be impacted during a few days leading up to Christmas, so travelers will want to pay close attention to forecasts and be prepared to adjust plans accordingly.

Met Office Issues Severe Weather Warning For Much Of The UK
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Snow Timeline Before Christmas

As of now, snow will likely begin to fall throughout most of the Hudson Valley starting on Wednesday, December 21. Precipitation will come primarily in the afternoon into the evening. About one to two inches of snow should be on the ground by midnight, with scattered showers continuing through Thursday, December 22 that will add another inch before nightfall. The snow is expected to pick up by the evening adding another three inches or so to the total.

On Friday, December 23 the snowfall will become heavier with up to six inches falling during the day and evening. Some areas to the north could see eight or more inches. The snow is expected to ease up by late Christmas Eve, but not before possibly adding another three to six inches of snow to the week's total. All of this snow could add up to over two feet by the time Christmas morning rolls around.

Massive Snowstorm Still Dumping Snow In Parts Of Midwest And Northeast
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Travel Impact

Because we're still a week away, the forecast could change. But holiday travelers should monitor the forecast carefully. As of now, the snow will not be contained to just the Hudson Valley. New York City airports are also being predicted to receive the same amount of snow as the Mid Hudson Region. Because accumulations will build up over several days, the impact on air travel may be limited. But with airports expected to already be busy, any delays could quickly begin to stack up.

East Coast Digs Out After Record-Setting Blizzard
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