Our family wasn't prepared for some of the surprises we discovered after checking in at the new LEGOLAND Hotel in Goshen, New York.

Make no mistake, the LEGOLAND Hotel isn't cheap. A typical two-night stay including park passes will set you back over $1,500 and that's before you factor in meals, drinks and those tempting LEGO souvenirs. Hudson Valley residents may wonder if booking a stay at such an expensive hotel just a short drive from home is actually worth it. As someone who recently stayed there, I can tell you that the experience is unlike staying at any other hotel.

First of all, if your child is obsessed with brightly colored bricks, staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel is an almost religious experience. Even if you've visited the park before, actually staying in a hotel where you're constantly surrounded by LEGO is a thrilling experience even if you're not the biggest fan.

A. Boris
A. Boris

During our first stay at the hotel, we weren't prepared for just how immersive the experience would be. There were so many surprising LEGO details in our room and around the hotel that we probably didn't even notice them all. From the hallway sconces made of LEGO bricks to the wild elevator "experience" that caught us off guard to the surprising adult beverages flowing in the lobby, we were constantly finding new details and experiences we never expected.

While we won't spoil all of the surprises that await guests at the new LEGOLAND Hotel in Goshen, you can scroll down to check out some of the most fascinating things we discovered during our recent stay and decide for yourself if it's worth the trip.

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