Think living in New York is expensive? Parking spaces in the city can get very, very expensive. But would you ever spend one hundred thousand dollars for a single parking spot? Sounds absurd, but according to one retailer, people are looking in to this. Really?

ABC NY says there's a parking spot in a very expense part of San Francisco where a retailer is asking for 100K. Wow, for real? Yes, and usurpingly, there are actually people willing to pay for this place. As we all know, major cities like this and New York City don't have a lot of convenient parking. Is it worth it?

Bill Williams of Compass Real Estate said:

The thing that makes it so unique is that you don't have to live in the building to use it.


It's all driven by supply and demand. We're surrounded by blocks of multimillion-dollar properties and they came with one parking space,

According to ABC, the average parking price in that area is fifteen dollars. And to top it all off, the one hundred gran still son't cover property taxes and the monthly HOA fee. Still sounds like a huge rip off.

To no surprise, many from the are thought the asking price is ridiculous.

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