Roundabouts might be safer, and reduce accidents, but there will always be confused drivers out there.

Earilier this week, we reported that more roundabouts are being planned and construction is already starting on others in several locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

Construction was just completed on a new roundabout in Middletown, and construction is set to begin on an additional roundabout in Kingston at Broadway and Ulster Avenue. Kingston has one large roundabout currently.

A listener recently sent us an image of a vehicle entering the roundabout in Kingston the wrong way.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Warren
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Warren

As you clearly see, the driver is obviously beyond confused entering this traffic circle. It's one thing to not know which lane to be in, or be like Chevy Chase in European Vacation, "I just can't get left!", but to enter the wrong way is just asking for trouble.

According to the listener that snapped the picture, the driver managed to turn themselves around, and continue on their way. Luckily it doesn't look as though there was too much traffic at that time.

Have you ever found yourself entering a roundabout, or even a highway the wrong way? Leave your comments.