While working on a house in the Hudson Valley, a worker stumbled across a piece of radio history.

Josh Jessup says he just had to share a photo of his recent discovery with us. While doing work on an old house in the Hudson Valley, Jessup uncovered a vintage WPDH bumper sticker circa 1975.

Before WPDH was known as the Home of Rock and Roll, 101.5 FM was broadcasting country music. Originally launched as WEOK-FM in 1962, the station flipped to country in the early 1970s, changing its call letters to WPDH in 1972 to better identify it's listening area. The P stood for "Poughkeepsie," The D for "Dutchess" and the H for "Hudson Valley."

After struggling in the ratings, the station eventually changed formats again in 1976 to Rock and Roll. 101.5 WPDH has been rocking out ever since.

Jessup stumbled across this vintage bumper sticker, still affixed to the wall paneling where it was presumably first stuck to in the early 70s.

Josh Jessup via Facebook
Josh Jessup via Facebook


Promoting the new technology of "stereo" broadcasting on the FM dial, the sticker proudly displays a map of the Mid Hudson region with the new call letters of WPDH spread across it.

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