Susannah Mushatt Jones passed away Thursday night in Brooklyn at the age of 116.

Jones was the oldest person on Earth. She became the Guinness World Records' official oldest person after the death of Misao Okawa, who died at 117 in Tokyo in 2015.

ABC News says that Jones had been living at a public housing facility for seniors for more than thirty years. She was one of only two people still alive who had been born in the 1800s.

Jones was born outside Montgomery, Alabama on July 6, 1899. She graduated high school in 1922 and then eventually moved to New Jersey, and then to New York. Later, while living in New York, she helped start a scholarship fund for young African-American women to go to college.

Verbania, Italy's Emma Morano now becomes the world's oldest person at 116. Morano is only a few months younger than Jones, and is now the only living individual who was born in 19th century.