People take their coffee very seriously.

Well tell that to this lady. CBS is reporting that Suffolk County police are looking for a woman they say caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage after she threw her coffee in a cashier's direction.

The iced coffee ruined $200 dollars worth of cigarettes near the cashier's counter. We suppose if you're a staunch anti-tobacco type, then she may have unintentionally done the world favor. But that's not the point.

Police say the incident happened on August 30 at a 7-Eleven in Mastic, though the surveillance footage of the coffee tantrum was just released Thursday.

Police say the coffee bandit left the Long Island convenience store in a black GMC Yukon with New Jersey plates. One could say she presumably went to find cheaper coffee, though last we checked...7-Eleven coffee wasn't that expensive.

Folks in New York are known to be on the go, so they don't have time to waste, especially at  in-and-out type stores, and fast food establishments. In May, a Capital Region woman pulled a gun on McDonald's employees because she thought they were taking to long with french fries.