There are people who swear by McDonald's famous french fries. And then there's this lady.

The NY Post is reporting that a Capitol District woman allegedly threatened employees with a  gun at a McDonald's drive-thru Saturday evening. The reason? Apparently, her fries that she ordered were taking too long.

So how long was this hangry customer waiting? According to the Post, only about two minutes before she was asked by employees to pull to the side so someone could bring the fries to her. That wasn't good enough, as the woman allegedly first flung a slushy at the drive-thru window and then shouted and screamed homophobic slurs at the workers.

She wasn't done.

The crazy Fry Gal then entered the restaurant, according to the manager, and pointed a gun that she pulled from her waistband.

After all that, the angry woman and her friend then left... without their food and their fries. Needless to say, workers were quite upset after the ordeal.

Police are currently reviewing surveillance footage.