This isn't what they mean by finger food..

A lawsuit claims that a woman got a little more than she asked for while while dining at a Chopt Salad location in the lower Hudson Valley.

According to LoHud, the suit claims the woman "was eating the salad, she realized that she was chewing on a portion of a human finger that had been mixed in to, and made a part of, the salad." Yuck. Guess the restaurant is really living up to their name?

Chopt Creative Salad Co. is described as a chain of fast casual restaurants with over 70 locations, including restaurants in Westchester County.

Woman Sues Westchester County Eatery After She Says She Was Chewing on Portion of Finger 

The New York Post says that a Connecticut woman is suing a Chopt location in Mount Kisco, after she claims she found a human finger in her salad. The Post says the suit was filed Monday in Westchester County, claiming she found the finger in her order during a visit April 7.

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CBS says that the suit alleges that a manager at the Chopt accidentally severed a piece of their left pointer finger while chopping arugula. But while the manager was rushed to the hospital, the leftover finger was still served as some extra unwanted garnish to customers, according to the lawsuit.

Records from the Westchester County Health Department indicate that the Chopt location was fined $900 dollars.

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New York State Man Sues Arby's, Alleging They Exaggerate the Size of Their Meat 

The Takeout says that the class action suit was filed in New York, accusing the franchise of "intentionally portray(ed) the sandwiches as being larger than they are." The plaintiff filed the suit on behalf of customers who had ordered certain items such as the Arby’s Classic Roast Beef, and the Double Roast Beef since September 2020.

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But it's not just about quantity for this gentleman, but also quality. The suit goes to also claim that the plaintiff ordered the a Double Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwich but it did not contain rare roast beef as advertised.

According to the details of the class action suit posted at The Takeout, Arby's misleads customers by "pushing all of the sandwich meat to the front of the bun", and "using props in its photoshoots to make the menu items look comparatively bigger and more full of meat."