I witnessed something tonight on my way home tonight that really bothered me. It was a complete disrespect to our Hudson Valley firefighters.

As I was walking out of the store tonight I heard sirens and it appeared that something had happened. Walking to my car I saw an ambulance going down one road, and as I started driving and made my way towards the red light, a fire truck turned down the same road that the ambulance went down. The fire truck pulled off 9W and stopped with its lights flashing. It appeared to me that they were attempted to block that entrance to the road as there was an emergency situation ahead.

Made sense to me, but apparently, it didn't the two cars who really wanted to go down that road. I witnessed individuals in two separate cars, throw their hands up and start yelling out of their car windows at the firefighters. It was a disgrace to see such blatant disrespect directed at our Hudson Valley firefighters.

These are men and women who are always there for you when something goes wrong, and you can't give them a chance to do their job because you have to get by? What about the emergency situation that's happening ahead that they're trying to prevent you from driving into? Maybe you didn't think about that, since it wasn't about you Karen.

Both cars then decided to completely ignore and disregard the firefighters who were attempting to get out of the truck, and the two cars drove around the firetruck, that once again was stopped with the lights flashing appearing to try and stop traffic from traveling down that road where a situation had occurred. These people are the worst and should be ticketed in my opinion.

I remember a time where when you saw an emergency vehicle like a firetruck, police car, or ambulance you pulled over and let them pass, or moved over. They're responding to an emergency, it only makes sense that we don't in the way. But no, now we live in a time where we are forced to establish "move over" laws because people refuse to acknowledge emergency vehicles. It's just really sad to see.

I admire the work of all of those workers and will always show them the proper respect. I just wish everybody else would do the same.

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