Captain Kirk is getting back into music. However, this time, it looks like he's leaving the Mr. Tambourine Man cover days behind and is entering the world of country music.

The NY Post is reporting that the 86 year-old actor and commercial spokesman has signed with Heartland Records, and should be releasing something soon.

Shatner's past musical efforts have been bizarre, to say the least...however, they've certainly picked up a cult following of their own. Many seem to appreciate the music's absurd charm.

The NY Post evens says that Shatner and country star Brad Paisley have struck up quite the friendship Could this mean a collaboration is in the works?

It wouldn't be the first time Shatner's worked with well known musicians. Shatner's last record was 2013's Ponder the Mystery- a progressive rock album featuring some big time rock names; such as Mick Jones, Rick Wakeman,  Edgar Winter, and Steve Vai.

In fact, Ponder the Mystery is one of eight studio records Shatner's been a part of.  The video is definitely....unique.

Who could also forget Shatner's role as the Priceline Negotiator for