Trick-or-treaters in the Hudson Valley may be terribly disappointed this year.

One of the most beloved holidays, especially for kids, is Halloween. The Hudson Valley is an especially great place to celebrate the day, as many neighborhoods go all out with decorations, candy and all the sights and sounds of Halloween.

Unfortunately, this year may be a bit less spectacular than usual for a few reasons.

Weather Outlook

While Halloween is still over a week away, the weather forecast for much of the Hudson Valley is calling for rain, or at least scattered showers in the evening. Temperatures will be in the low 50s, which isn't the worst, but coupled with the rain could make for an uncomfortable trick-or-treating experience for the younger crowd.

Sunday Halloween?

This year also marks one of the worst days to celebrate Halloween: Sunday. It's a bummer for kids to have to cut the festivities short and get to bed early for school the next day. Candy intake will also probably be limited by many parents so their children aren't too wired on a Sunday night.  Some neighborhoods will be celebrating on Saturday, which is a great idea. The 30th also appears to have less of a chance of wet weather.

COVID concerns

Much like last year, the prevalence of the Delta variant is already putting a damper on some Halloween celebrations. Because children are now more susceptible to the new COVID variant, masking and social distancing will be even more of a concern this year than last year for many parents.

Who cares?

While Halloween in the Hudson Valley has a lot going against it this year, it's also the best day of the year. Hopefully, most parents will be able to look past the things stacking up against celebrating and make the best of the day.

A decade ago the Hudson Valley was hit with a massive snowstorm just before Halloween. Power outages crippled most of the area for weeks, with residents stranded without heat. Halloween of 2011 was all but canceled, but that didn't stop the kids in our neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised to have a ton of kids knocking on our door that night looking for candy.

If that didn't stop Halloween, nothing will. So let's all make the best of Halloween this year and create some great memories for those little ghouls and goblins of the Hudson Valley.

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